SEPANSO and Générations Futures v. Rémy CASTEL and Chateau de Barbe

May 23, 2014
Final judgment
France, Bordeaux

Environmental NGOs
SEPANSO Gironde, Générations Futures
François Ruffié, François Lafforgue

Civil court
Fungicide, Eperon, Pepper, Bordeaux mixture, Heliocuivre, Heliosoufre S
Condemnation of the vineyards for illegal spraying of pesticides
Tribunal de grande instance de Libourne of Bordeaux, France

September 4, 2017
The judges dismisses the charges because there is not a formally established evidence that winds were stronger than 19 km/h on the spot where sprayings occured.
National law

7.3.2018, Referral of the La Rose and Barbe castles to the Libourne criminal court following the appeal against the 9.4.2017 dismissal of the case for pesticide spraying near a school where 23 children and their teacher got ill and were hospitalized in emergency. The sprayings were carried out on the vineyards of Chateau Castel La Rose and Chateau de Barbe, near the school of Villeneuve de Blaye, whereas weather conditions relating to wind strength were not favorable to the operation . The judge declares a dismissal for lack of definite proof because there is no measure of wind on the commune. The hearings at the criminal court of Libourne are happening on March 20, 2019.