Roundup Products Liability Litigation (MDL)

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United States, Northern District of California

Farmers, Landscapers
Hardeman (3:16-cv-00525), Stevick (3:16-cv-02341), Gebeyehou (3:16-cv-05813), Penrod (3:16-cv-5901), Bridgeman (3:16-cv-00812), Means (3:16-cv-05753), Giglio (3:15-cv-02279-BTM-WVG)...
Monsanto, Ragan and Massey, Inc
Timothy Litzenburg, Aimee Wagstaff, David J. Wool, Kathryn M. Forgie, Lori E. Andrus, Vance R. Andrus, Robin Greenwald, Michael Miller, Michael L. Baum, Edward A. Wallace, Corey G. Lorenz, Yvonne M. Flaherty, Caroline C. Schadle, Tesfaye Wolde Tsadik, Anthony P. Ellis, Jennifer A. Moore

Civil court
Multi-district litigation
Glyphosate, Roundup, Herbicide
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District court of Northern District of California, United States

Many legal complaints (1654 as of October 2018) against Monsanto from Roundup users diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphomas have been regrouped at the Northern District of California District Court. 7/10/2018, Judge Vince Chhabria concluded a reasonable jury could find that glyphosate can cause non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at exposure levels people realistically may have experienced. Hearings will begin with Hardeman v. Monsanto (3:16-cv-00525) on 2/25/2018. Then there will be the cases of Stevick v. Monsanto and Gebeyehou v. Monsanto (3:16-cv-0581) on 5/6/2018. On Jan. 3, the judge decided to "bifurcate" the 3 bellwether cases, which means that only the evidence that Roundup contributed to the plaintiffs' cancer will be examined in a first phase, and only if the answer is yes will Monsanto's pressuring and lobbying tricks be examined.