Paul François v. Monsanto

April 26, 2007
Provisional judgment
France, Paris

Paul François
François Lafforgue

Civil court
That Monsanto be declared as responsible for his health problems
Cour de Cassation - Chambre mixte of Paris, France
Court of Cassation

July 7, 2017
Partially Positive
The Court of Cassation criticizes the Court of Appeals for not having checked whether Monsanto's liability for defective products was applicable. It has confirmed that Monsanto has failed on its obligation to inform about the risks of inhalating Lasso. Case is sent to the Appeals Court to determine the applicability of the responsibility for defective products.
National law

7.7.2017, Court of Cassation decides on the case where Monsanto is sued for intoxication and chronic illness due to an inadequate labeling of the Lasso herbicide