Frankel and Paracha v. Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods

August 31, 2018
Not judged
United States, Northern District of California

Tamara Frankel, Natasha Paracha
Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods
Patricia N. Syverson, Manfred P. Muecke, Elaine A. Ryan, Carrie A. Laliberte, Stewart M. Weltman, Todd L. McLawhorn, Michael Chang

Civil court
Jury, Class action
Violation of the unfair competition law; Violation of the consumers legal remedies act; Awarding restitution and disgorgement of Defendant’s revenues to Plaintiffs and the proposed Class members; Awarding attorneys’ fees and costs
United States District Court of Northern District of California, United States

The plaintiffs file a complaint against Bob's Red Mill for not mentioning the possible presence of glyphosate on its cereal packages and misleading advertising.