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The lawsuit challenges Monsanto’s position that its herbicides are proven safe and asserts that the company has known about the dangers and hidden them…

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Justice Pesticides is meant to supply everybody, particularly victims of pesticides from all nationalities and status (neighbours, farmers, local authorities, scientists, etc.) with all legal cases involving pesticides in the world  […]



07/19/2018 : The hearings of the first legal case by a victim of Monsanto’s Roundup, Dewayne Johnson, began on July 9, with opening statements by counsel, followed by questions to experts, particularly to Dr. Christopher Portier, called by the plaintiff. American lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (photo) reports on these hearings, published by our partner… Read More

7/3/2018: After the government’s setbacks on its own commitments (1), the weak ambition of the MPs and the recent deletions from the Senate, the Food law has become an empty shell. This text, which is supposed to reflect the consensus proposals of the Etats Généraux de l’Alimentation, apart from small progress on securing trade relations,… Read More

Update on June 29, 2018: The jury selection in the Dewayne Johnson v. Monsanto trial in the San Francisco Superior Court ended on Thursday, June 28, after 4 long days of cross-examination by Dewayne Johnson and Monsanto’s lawyers. Opening statements are scheduled for July 9 at 9:30 am. The jury selection began Monday, June 25… Read More